Lee County Board of Education

Our Mission
To ensure that all students realize their unique potential through a system characterized by caring, dedicated teachers who have an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Our Beliefs
Strong partnerships among home, community, and school support learning.
Caring, dedicated teachers and supportive parents enhance student achievement.
Genuine respect for all is a necessary element of excellence.
The essentials for success can best be taught by word and by deed.
Learning requires discipline and nurturing.
An unwavering commitment to continuous improvement is the path to excellence.

One of the senior activities on September 27 will be the annual Work Ready Assessment to measure students’ core skills and work habits. Results of this test indicate students’ level of work readiness, allowing them to receive a Work Ready Certificate to help them better market their skills to current and future employers.

The higher students score on the test, the more “ready” they appear to employers. Bronze certification means that the student possesses the necessary skills for 35% of jobs in the Work Ready database, earning silver certification means possessing skills for 65% of the jobs, earning gold means possessing skills for 90% of the jobs, and platinum means possessing skills necessary for 99% of the jobs in the database.

Students often regret not trying harder on this important test, and ask if they can retake it. Unfortunately, the state does not recognize the second attempt at the test, so students need to do their best the first time.